Monday, January 12, 2009

Newly Completed, Fresh off the Easel, Painting by Line'

I recently completed this particular painting of "Twilight In Vail", Colorado. Having worked hard to finish all the holiday paintings that needed to be done I was looking for a looser feel to this piece. Since I didn't have a freshly stretched canvas I used a painting that I had done for a demonstration in a workshop that I taught this last summer. I didn't want to loose the momentum that I had worked up, I wanted to start right away without delay. With the colors I had still on my pallet I covered the canvas and began to rough out the mountains and village that you see. It all started to come together growing quietly out of the twilight. The last part was when I turned the lights on in the homes and the village looked as though it was settling in for the evening. As soon as the framing comes in I will be sending this painting to Knox Galleries in Beaver Creek, CO. I have several of the winter themed paintings there and also at the Banks Gallery in New London, NH

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